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Ever since a child, my mom and dad always took my siblings and I to fine dining restaurants, fast food chains, and different places to have food trips. It was my mom and dad's hobby as a couple to EAT in ALL RESTAURANTS in our city whether it's new or not. It was like their check list as a couple.

Years passed and I continued their hobby with my significant other. We're both big foodies. We've been through different restaurants within the city limits and outside the vicinity of Gensan. However, my heart has been longing to travel around the Philippines or maybe someday, around the world just to dine in different restaurants with different cuisines. With a large number of enticing food serving restaurants, I've lessen my list to my TOP FIVE.

5.) Machiavelli Chocolatier - Makati City

Machiavelli Chocolatier is a Filipino owned chocolate shop in which chocolate and art seduction captivates you. This chocolate shop is owned by a world-class chocolatier named Raul Matias. The name of the shop was inspired by a great man named Niccolo Machiavelli which was credited as one of the founder of modern political science.

What captured my interest in this chocolate shop is that the list of their chocolate is combined with Asian and most of all Filipino ingredients. Some of their chocolates which were known are the chocolate coated yema(custard), ube(yam), langka(jackfruit),buko (coconut), bayabas (guava) and a lot more.

Their chocolates also come with edible designs. The fusion of chocolate and art.

My favorite chocolate that they offer is one of the most unimaginable fusion of food i've ever known in history -the chocolate bar with bacon strips cut into little pieces inside. A lot gave a positive comment on this choco bar. Imagining the taste just makes me drool so hard. The salty taste of bacon mixed with the luscious sweet chocolate all inside one bite, YUMMMM! The bar only cost Php150. IF IM IN MAKATI CITY, THIS WOULD BE MY FIRST STOP.

4.) Bale Dutung - Pampanga

This place makes me shout, IM PROUD TO BE FILIPINO! Bale Dutung in Angeles, Pampanga is owned by Chef Claude Tayag and her wife Mary Ann Tayag. Bale Dutung (correct me i'f im wrong) means OLD HOUSE. This place is like an antique house but the truth is, it was built during the 1990's.

This dining place would be the ultimate food trip for the family. Bale Dutung, only accomodates foodies that have made reservation for at least 10 people. According to my research, as of 2009, the price per head is Php1,800. A little bit pricey but worth the cost.

They offer the best Filipino cuisine that none in the Philippines could ever copy. Although, I haven't been here yet but i really believe that this place is one of the best that's why I put this on my TOP FIVE.

Bale Dutung, offers sushi with crab fats, tamales, fresh lumpia and so much more that everytime i try to think about their menu it makes my stomach growl.
SISIG. They say that one of Kapampangan's best delicacy is the SISIG

Bagnet. I haven't heard of this kind of food but it looks good to my mouth.

Alas, my favorite in Bale Dutung is their FIVE WAY lechon. YUMMM.! This restaurant is famous for their imaginative idea of how lechons can be eaten with glory not only once but five times.


can be eaten with vinegar or liver sauce.

Fried Lechon wrapped in tortilla wrappers mix with your own chosen ingredients and sauce.

Sinigang na lechon with kamias(tamarind) yuuuuurrmmm! mouthwatering.

Well, if you like the ribs you might as well enjoy eating the fourth way.

this is quite a try.

I'll remind myself that if my family, my hubby and I will come here, I'll make sure NORVASC would be my bestfriend.

3.) Hamada Restaurant in Baguio Country Club - Baguio

Yes! The city of Baguio with its FORKS(Washington) like weather, is one of the best stop here in the Philippines especially if you go to one of my favorite restaurant in Baguio, HAMADA RESTAURANT at the Baguio Country Club.

The Baguio Country Club is one of the luxurious places in Baguio with its Golf fields, relaxation places like their bowling alley, billiard halls, gaming stations, pools and lodging rooms and especially Hamada restaurant.

Hamada Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that serves very appetizing Japanese cuisines that makes you travel to different places of Japan with every nibble and every mouthwatering bite of their specialties.
Hamada Restaurant was voted twice as the Best Japanese Restaurants in the Philippines. Hamada Restaurant is a one of kind restaurant with their Teppanyaki chefs doing their magic.

Teppanyaki is a style of cooking Japanese delicacies by using iron griddle. In Hamada, not only will you enjoy the food you are eating but you are also enjoying a one of a kind performance of how they cook the food in your bowl and plate. Every week, Hamada serves different appetizers from fish-fillets to crispy fried anchovies. A cup of green teas will complete a Japanese meal at a very beautiful Japanese restaurant.

What is a Japanese restaurant without SUSHI, SASHIMI and of course WASABI!

It is amazing how master chefs prepare your food with open fire.

Delicious fried rice with different toppings is the best among the rest.

Wow! I'm down with three. Are you still with me? You should be because I'm giving you a quick look with what you're missing around in the Philippines and the history of food. Am I making you hungry? HAHAHA. i hope so and i hope you get interested with these restaurants I'm introducing to you.

2.) Haagen Dazs - SM Mall of Asia

I thought that Haagen Dazs was just another ice cream brand but when I've heard that there was a restaurant in SM Mall of Asia, I began to put it on my list as one of my food and travel destination. Haagen Dazs was one of the most delicious ice cream I've ever tasted but it cost a lot just for one cup. But I know that going to Haagen Dazs restaurant is worth it. I love desserts and ice cream shops. I don't know why I LOVE THEM but I just do.

Haagen Dazs ice cream has been known all through out history since 1961. The founder of Haagen Dazs ice cream was an entrepreneur named Reuben Mattus of New York City. The ice cream brand, Haagen Dazs, was the first super-premium ice cream all over the world and history wouldn't be perfect without the creation of it.

I would love to shake hands with Mr. Mattus for inventing such a wonderful and mouthwatering food in the entire universe. This Summer, ICE CREAM is one of the most selling food item in the market and nothing would beat the heat of summer than vanilla and chocolate ice creams.
I would just die if i can just take a bite of Haagen Dazs ice cream. Its very creamy and very addicting.

People commented on how mouthwatering the ice cream of Haagen Dazs. It is one of the world's finest. Their top selling flavors are:

Belgian Chocolate

Cookies and Cream
and my personal favorite, brownie explosion.

I so love Haagen Dazs ice cream themes like in Taiwan they've created a Teppanyaki style ice cream and here in the Philippines, the Eat-All-You-Can. Three Scoops of Haagen Dazs Ice cream cost about P400 and above. It's like a toll gate payment to heaven. But nonetheless, HAAGEN DAZS ICE CREAM IS THE BEST.

well, what can i say? Not all the nicer things in life come cheap.

1.) T.G.I. Friday's - Robinson Abreeza, Davao City

Finally, I'm on my Top one! Thank Goodness It's Friday Restaurant is my number one dream favorite restaurant all over the Philippines. I've first seen this restaurant flashing on the advertisement page in Facebook.com.

I've been mesmerized on their tequila drinks, smoothies and desserts. I've also heard that T.G.I Friday's is an international brand that has been franchised here in the Philippines and I've heard perfectly right.
T.G.I. Friday's has been existing since 1965 in New York City at First Avenue and 63rd street. It has been the number one hang out for young and single people in New York. The restaurant has been in existence internationally until finally it came to the Philippines.

For me, eating in T.G.I Friday's has been a dream and i can feel that dream is going to be near. T.G.I Friday's is one restaurant that serves some of my favorites. From steaks to pastas, you name it!

The restaurant serves wines,beers,champagnes, smoothies and slushies. I have always been a fan for slushies and smoothies. Smoothies cost P185 and slushies cost P180. If you're a fan of some vodka then TGIF's cocktails would be more suitable for you.

Colorful slushies.
TGIF serves appetizers that really are the perfect definition for the 'APPETIZING'. Have a little bite of their Friday's Shrimp or their Pot Sticker.

I'm not a big fan of steaks but if you're up for a bull appetite then let the restaurant take you to Texas with their Texas ribeye. I would love to eat TGIF's humongous burger. If my hubby would be beside me, my hubby would go GAGA for the greasy meat with its creamy cheese. Their sandwich is also a must try. I just cant stop myself from shouting a loud 'YURMMMM!'

If you're not loving the red meat then try T.G.I Friday's white meat such as their aromatic mushroom chicken and their sea foods. Their sea food platter is one of the most amazing platter they serve.

TGIF also serves pastas for those who are a fan of Italian foods and salads for those who'd like to go on a diet. The chicken pasta and the shanghai chicken salad has been an advise starter.

And comes dessert! Friday Sundae, Mocha Mud Pie, Brownie Obsession, Oreo Madness, and Chocolate malted Turtle would be a must try. I imagine myself eating every last bite of every desserts TGIF offers.

Oreo Madness. It does make me wild. Wildly hungry.

And that has been the last on the list of my top five food destination. Hope you enjoyed reading and i hope i made you hungry. Someday, I'd be making a blog about these restaurants in which i have already dined in my top five. That is it. As a foodie, I live in a motto which says

all pictures used were taken from the internet.
i dont own any of them.
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